About MRM token

MRM is a utility token that is used in our crypto project ranking system, and in the future will be used in other tools that are being developed by the Mr. Mole team. Now it is used to activate the user’s account, after which the user receives rewards in MRM, for certain actions, for example, writing reviews about XRPL tokens or voting them. Thus, the power of the community is used to fill the site with relevant and detailed information that will be useful to the entire crypto community.



24 hours chart
7 days chart
30 days chart


TiersBalance FromToTotal
Blue Whale (2)50000000000777,381,993,391 MRM
Whale (5)40000000005000000000033,085,882,951 MRM
Shark (43)800000000400000000064,917,173,299 MRM
Dolphin (23)40000000080000000012,338,302,394 MRM
Fish (223)8000000040000000031,758,676,445 MRM
Octopus (287)400000008000000015,512,002,413 MRM
Crab (3492)80000004000000050,549,970,274 MRM
Shrimp (12416)800000800000014,136,462,843 MRM

  • rhQeh9TpAgaW4DXn5bQen73CHf2P6u8aih – Wallet for paying for subscriptions and accrual of rewards
  • rsXMuJ4pQcg9w8jc83gtHhUujTxi2jiiRD – Team member wallet
  • rpqqyZXhowA6kb3eQKqRGA3GxbjzZFfMAD – Team member wallet