We are creating an ecosystem that crypto community will like.

Our idea is not only to collect all the information about tokens in one place, but also to unite into a single community – crypto researchers, investors and XRPL projects.

We intend to create a transparent, trustworthy, and user-friendly platform that will be useful not only for crypto researchers and investors, but also for XRPL projects.
Our ranking system will rely not only on technical indicators, user experience and community participation, which will allow a comprehensive assessment of any project.
And cooperation with other XRPL projects will allow us to provide first-hand information.

Rapid Notifications

Be the first to know about the appearance of new tokens using our push notifications.

Collective Research

Your review becomes a piece of the puzzle in project research.

Customers Support

You can contact us at any time with a question in our Telegram chat and we will definitely help you.


A user with an active subscription receives rewards in MRM for writing reviews about projects and voting.

This project will be a fantastic project for crypto investors and newbies to pay small fee for a source of credible info and research on crypto projects in the XRPL ecosystem. Mr Mole will truly find the diamonds and other gems within this growing XRPL token community.


Верю в проект. Продолжаю наращивать позиции.


flip the switch..MRM to the moon🚀🚀

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